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Online job bank Yes123 released results of a survey on Tuesday … that found almost 81% of employees in Taiwan want to quit their current jobs for new ones even before receiving their year-end bonuses … as many are reportedly noting an uptick in the domestic economy, and think they can find something better.

People here usually change jobs after they receive their bonuses at the end of the Lunar year, which usually falls in January or February.

But the survey conducted earlier this month found a whopping 80.9% would be cool with skipping their bonus to try and take advantage of a possibly rebounding economy.

Taiwan will likely hit 1.22% growth for 2016 and expand that to 1.88% in 2017, according to the latest government forecasts.

Higher-than-expected year-on-year growth in the third quarter, however, means the forecast will probably need to be upgraded …

Not all are feeling quite so jubilant: 2.2% say a promotion is an impossible dream,  30.3% are pessimistic about their current company’s future, 28.3% are highly displeased their salary has not increased in QUITE a while, and 26.3% just don’t really like their current jobs … the survey concluded.

Do you feel like the economy is improving?

Would you skip a New Year bonus for a chance to cash in on a possible opportunity?