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The skies were mostly clear over Kaohsiung this weekend — and while some got in a quick Mid-Autumn barbecue, for most, clean up was the name of the game.

Typhoon Meranti pounded southern Taiwan on Wednesday, leaving one dead and 51 injured.

Meranti generated winds in Pingtung’s Hengchun Township near Kenting (恆春), reaching Level 16 on the Beaufort Scale … the strongest since the establishment of the Hengchun station in 1896.

Humans are likely to be blown over by a Level 16 gust, a Taiwan Central Weather Bureau forecaster said. In KHH City, the winds hit 13 on the same scale.


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Three people were hurt in Taitung, one in Hualien, three in Tainan and two in Kinmen. — Five were injured as they rode motorcycles or traveled in cars.

Taiwanpower Co (台電) said over 700,000 households lost power, the majority in Pingtung County.

Taiwan’s electric company is sending a repair crew of 12 to Xiao Liuqiu (Siao Liuchou) island in Pingtung County to get the power supply on the mini island back on as soon as possible.

Officials say 687 schools and stadiums around the country were damaged, with losses estimated around NT$500 million.

Most of the damaged schools are in Kaohsiung, Pingtung County and Tainan.

The Ministry of National Defense says it will continue to send soldiers to areas to help with reconstruction and clean-up efforts.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau (CWB) lifted its warning for Typhoon Malakas Sunday, September 18, 2016 … as the storm began moving in a northeasterly direction … away from Taiwan and toward Japan.

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Diesel fuel was drained from two half-sunken boats in Kaohsiung’s Sizihwan on Saturday. The boats will reportedly be towed away in ten days after the removal of the fuel. Sadly, oil and fuel DID leak into the bay near KHH’s Sun Yat-Sen University, and hopefully the spill will be dealt with properly.



In other updates, the Taipei Times reports that Taoyuan firefighters went into the hills after hearing of stranded or missing hikers. No word on the search result as yet.


Also, a beach on Kinmen island found itself unfortunately in the way of large Chinese cargo ship that lost its moorings. The ship is now stranded on the beach and pollution is visible in the photo below.


(Via the Taipei Times) –


In more typhoon news, Kaohsiung alone saw over NT$460 million in crop losses.

The city’s guava farms sustained heavy damage, with losses estimated at more than NT$200 million … jujube farms lost over NT$90 million.

In Pingtung, aquaculture farms were also hit hard … resulting in losses of more than NT$14 million from fish deaths.