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An Apple Daily report from May 8th, reveals that on the afternoon of the first of the month, a traffic police officer based at Kaohsiung’s XinXing Station hit a motorcycle rider in the FongShan District.

The officer, surnamed Xu, was found to be drunk … very drunk — to the tune of 0.74 mg/l.

Xu will be facing all kinds of charges and demerits … the 49-year-old’s career as a police officer is now also in serious jeopardy.

The woman he hit was from reports, sitting on a motorcycle waiting for a light to change. The Vietnamese national, aged 33, was injured, but apparently not severely.

This is just the latest case in south Taiwan of a cop getting caught boozing and driving.

In March 2017, a GuShan officer was nabbed for DUI and in December of 2016, several officers from north Kaohsiung and Tainan allegedly were involved in drinking and driving incidents.

Check out the Apple Daily report below:


Photo shows Kaohsiung’s XinXing Police Station, via Apple Daily