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Taiwan No.2 台灣難八凸 / America First… Taiwan Second

Dear President Trump, Taiwan is a fantastic country, just great. We have no Mexicans here, zero. We checked. Also, we have: A wall made of water on four sides. Some people call this being an island. But we just say Great Waterwall. A girl president with working girl parts. She is hot, at least an “8.5” Many many impressive crowds, great crowds, bigly. The best Spring Break outside of Cabo San Lucas, which is in Mexico. Totally Lame. Ours is great. Health insurance. It’s true, we all have it. It’s great. We can go to the doctor when we’re...

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The Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (TIQFF) Starts October 22nd!

The 3rd annual TIQFF will be held in Taipei from October 22nd to the 30th. Tickets go on sale on September 24th at all Family Mart locations. The organizers held a press conference in Xinyi District on Wednesday, August 19th to announce Ella Chen as the official festival ambassador. Ella (陳嘉樺) gained popularity as one of the members of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E, and sometimes had to answer questions from reporters regarding her ‘tomboyish appearance’ and perceived sexual orientation. They also took the opportunity to announce the first QUEERMOSA AWARDS. “Think of it as the Taiwanese GLAAD“, said press liaison, Tiffany Tsai. To see more, check out the English version of the official TIQFF site. Taiwan is one of the most LBGTQ friendly places in Asia and may soon be the first place on the continent to codify marriage equality in law. This film festival looks like a really cool event and we look forward to checking some of the films...

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Breaking: Giant Yellow Monster Scales Taipei 101

The Taiwan Navy scrambled fighter jets and panicked citizenry is taking cover as a large yellow hamster makes it’s way to the top of Taipei’s tallest structure. Government officials initially thought it was part of a publicity stunt that might be part of the release of the Pokemon GO app in Taiwan. Police helicopters and military personnel were called up after the bright furry rat attacked and ate a street vendor who was selling steamed buns before beginning to climb one of Taipei’s most popular tourist attractions. This story is...

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