Mr. Lin of Tainan does not like being honked at. Riding his scooter in the city last week with his girlfriend on the back, a driver beeped at Lin for some reason, infuriating the thin-skinned Lin who turned around and cussed at the horn-loving driver.

The driver of the car turned out to also have anger management issues. The driver, surnamed Lian, stopped his car and got out to confront Lin – with a baseball bat. Lin then yanked off his motorcycle helmet and used it as a weapon to battle the baseball bat wielding Lian.

Baseball Bat – 1 / Helmet – 0

While a helmet swung properly can be a formidable weapon (they are commonly used in street brawls in Taiwan), a well-swung baseball bat is a significantly better weapon. Lian’s bat broke Lin’s helmet, and Lin’s arm.

After getting out of the hospital Lin wanted revenge. Obtaining video footage showing the fight, he posted the video to Facebook asking netizens to help him locate and identify Mr. baseball bat.

Interestingly, three days after the Facebook post, Lian contacted Lin to apologize and offer to pay compensation for injuring Lin during their road rage scuffle. It’s unknown if Lin accepted the offer, but if he didn’t he should have. It takes two to tango, and Lin could’ve simply ignored a couple of beeps instead of flying off the helmet.

For his part , let’s hope Lian’s experience of being filmed beating someone with a baseball bat over a swear word or two helps this thuggish individual reconsider his life choices.

And as for the rest of us? Bear in mind that you never know who’s honking at you, so it’s best to play dumb and smile.