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Back in about 1650, the area around what today is Zuoying’s man-made Lotus “Pond” or Lake was called “Old Fengshan” and was the site of a major military fortress. (some of which still stands today)


A walled town a little closer to the coast was called “Zuoying” — it got its walls in 1721, some 40 years after Taiwan had been ‘officially’ annexed by China’s Qing Dynasty.The moat and the walls of Zuoying800px-dragon_and_tiger_pagodas_03

When the Japanese occupiers arrived in 1895, they pretty much kept things as they were in Zuoying, using the town and harbor as a navy base.

When the KMT replaced the Japanese, they turned the Japanese name “Sa-ei” back into its Chinese pronunciation of Zuoying, but also decided it would make a good navy base — and indeed, the largest R.O.C. Navy Yard and Navy Airfield are in Zuoying.


As the military downsized and returned tracks of land to the government and the public, the district took off.

Today, Kaohsiung’s Zuoying District (左營區) is home to just under 200,000 Kaohsiungers … and has been transformed into a new “downtown” for the city … with all the modern trimmings. 

The High-Speed Rail Station is located here, an area that’s seen a boom in “upper-priced” housing construction.  


In short, if you were in KHH any time before 1990, you probably wouldn’t have wanted to live in Zuoying … now, if you want to be near “the pulse” of the city — it’s pretty much the place to be.  

Things to do and see in Zuoying include: Lotus Lake, Confucius Temple (the largest Confucius temple on the island), the ruins of the Old Fengshan walls, RuiFeng Night Market, a Wetland Park, and the Chi Ming Palace (also from way back in the day).


Just 19 square kilometer in all — and a good chunk of that taken up by inaccessible military bases — many parts of Zuoying are emerging as strong contenders for what all of Kaohsiung might one day look like.

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(Photos via Wikimedia Commons / Synapticism)