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Chi Po-lin died trying to help us better see, appreciate and conserve this island we all love. The era of drone filming could mean that Director Chi — and two others who died in a helicopter crash in Hualien County over the weekend — might well be some of the last to lose their lives as aerial documentary photographers, but Chi’s outstanding work will never be forgotten — “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above” (看見台灣) is a rare gem … if you haven’t seen it, click the link below for a 27-minute ‘intro’:


The Central News Agency has more on Chi and his life’s work:

“Filmmaker Chi Po-lin (齊柏林, 52) mortgaged his house, borrowed money from friends and quit his job as a civil servant at the age of 47 — just three years before qualifying for a lifetime pension — all to make his 2013 documentary “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above” (看見台灣), which became the highest grossing documentary in Taiwan’s history.”The chopper that carried the father of two and his 25-year-old assistant photographer crashed while filming in eastern Taiwan’s Hualien County, resulting in their death and that of the pilot. The team was filming for the sequel to “Beyond Beauty” at the time of the accident.”

Also killed were a pilot who had flown many missions with Chi and a young assistant who was hailed for his dedication to making Taiwan a better place. “Chen Kuan-chi (陳冠齊), who worked as an assistant to the filmmaker, was a 25-year-old graduate from the Department of English at National Dong Hwa University in Hualien County. [Chen] was an enthusiastic participant in social and political affairs including the anti-nuclear, student and gender equality movements.”

RIP … and thank you.