Red Brick Daily

Kaohsiung police raided a building in a rural area of Dashu District (大樹) on Thursday … finding a nice haul of illicit drugs, including heroin, amphetamines, ketamine … and nearly 3,000 capsules of Nimetazepam – also known as Erimin.

The illegal items seized included two modified handguns, one air rifle and 16 bullets.

Cops also found packages of a Chinese-made aphrodisiac sold under the brand name “Black King Kong” (黑金剛).

A police spokesperson told the media that the raid was significant, “Because it is the first time we have come across an operation using alternate methods to manufacture designer drugs in Taiwan … combining various pharmaceuticals, including aphrodisiacs, amphetamines and opiates, to produce new drugs.”

A suspect surnamed Ho — who reportedly studied pharmacology — and his partner Wang will likely not be given any leniency by a judge … despite their creativity in chemistry.