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If you’ve lived in Taiwan for long enough … you no doubt once took a ride in a Yulong car …  a company that was founded back in 1953 and today builds Nissan models under license as one of the “four big” automakers in Taiwan.

The company also makes it’s own brand: Luxgen.

Before 1991, taxis in Taiwan came in all colors … or sometimes even multi-colors.

The rule standardizing all taxis to the color yellow was not retroactive, however, meaning taxi driver Lin Chien-hsiung (林健雄) of Pingtung County’s Donggang Township (東港) … is still happily plying the roads in his 1980 Yulong ‘Victory 803’ taxi … painted a vibrant blue.

Lin, 63, said the first time he ever traveled by airplane was the same year he flew to Taipei to pick up his diesel-powered car and drive it back to Pingtung.

Lin paid over NT$40,000 for the vehicle … which today couldn’t even cover the cost of a small scooter.

“There were not a lot of private cars [in the 1980s] and people used taxis for everything: business trips, private outings and even for couples going to their own weddings. I drove people to Hualien all the time until they built the South Link Line,” Lin told the Taipei Times.

Lin has gotten used to being pulled over by cops who aren’t aware that his blue taxi is legal … everything in his car is up to standard legally, Lin claims, and he says he’s never been in an accident.

Recent changes being considered by the Department of Transportation could see Taiwan’s taxis return to multicolored varieties … however, has yet to become official.

Are you cool with taxis in all colors? Or do you like the standard yellow?


(Photo via Taipei Times)