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Three soldiers are dead after an accident in Pingtung County’s Checheng Township during the annual Han Kuang Military Drill … which simulates an attack from China.

An Army CM-11 battle tank was crossing a short bridge before noon on Tuesday, August 16, 2016, when the left track of the tank reportedly got stuck.

The tank then fell into the Wangsha Stream and landed upside down in the shallow water.


(Photo via CNA)

The driver was able to climb out to safety, but four soldiers were trapped inside.

After they were pulled out of the tank, the soldiers were rushed to a local hospital where doctors tried to revive them.

Three of the four, however, were pronounced dead later that afternoon.

The fourth soldier regained a pulse after efforts by doctors and was rushed to a larger hospital in Kaohsiung, where he is undergoing further treatment.


*Main photo via UDN

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