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This Hong Kong dude is quite the milk lover … breast milk, that is — and we all know stolen breast milk is the sweetest! (WHAT?)

An HK computer technician stands accused of stealing and drinking his work colleague’s breast milk. Just to ramp up the perv level, he also allegedly sent the woman anonymous messages bragging about drinking her “milk” … plus sent some messages “accompanied by a photo of an erect penis wrapped in a plastic bag and another of a glass of milk.”

Dude, dick pics are sooooooooo 2014 … ANYWAY, Lam Chung-kan, a 37-year-old married father … reportedly stole a bottle of the unidentified woman’s lactations from the office fridge in March.

Surveillance footage also proved that Lam was alone in the office .. and using his phone at the time the icky messages were sent –BUSTY … we mean, BUSTED!

Cops found both the messages and pictures on his phone as well, so … DOUBLE BUSTED!

Lam told a judge that he was “really stressed out” at the time … and we all know how soothing breast milk can be —— FOR AN INFANT!

This week an HK court gave Lam with 200 hours of community service for his weirdo actions — with the judge noting that he’d better have a nice long chat with his family about all this as, “The exposure of the incident, others’ knowledge, the trouble brought to your family – that’s a punishment you brought upon yourself, but your family is innocent.”

Does 200 hrs of community service seem like a fair sentence for stolen milk and dick pics?