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A Changhua County man surnamed Liu beat weed-growing charges against him in late 2016, after authorities were unable to provide a judge with enough evidence … but local cops decided to keep a tab on the dude and yep … a few weeks into 2018, Mr. Greengrower was found in an apartment with an accomplice and this time, there should be no issue with evidence.

The Taiwan News has more:

“...[the] two men surnamed Liu (劉), 34, and Su (蘇),30, were arrested in their rented apartment in Changhua County for possessing about 417 cannabis plants and 616 grams of dried cannabis buds .”

WARNING! While many places around the world are adopting more liberal policies with regard to marijuana, Taiwan is NOT among them. Users face a mandatory 2-month ‘rehab in jail’ sentence and growers and sellers get an average of seven years behind bars!  Those who grow and or sell, get an average of four to seven years behind bars — but can receive sentences as high as 15-years!