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Chan Ho-yeung (陳皓揚), a young man from Macau who was set to graduate from the National Taiwan University this year, arrived at the Taipei District Court on Tuesday (August 16, 2016) under police protection … after an earlier court appearance saw a mob attempt to lynch the confessed cat murderer.


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This is Chan’s second offense, although he was in court to answer for the first killing in December 2015.

Chan has admitted to killing a second cat on August 2, 2016, and throwing the animal’s body into the Xindian River. 

The presiding judge at Tuesday’s hearing said the new case will be combined with the existing case once prosecutors tack on new charges.

The Central News Agency reports that Chan confessed in court that he killed a stray cat known as ‘Big Orange’ in a neighborhood near the NTU main campus in Taipei last year. The cat had been reported missing.

Chan argued that he has psychological problems and can’t control his urge to kill cats.

The court raised the bail previously granted by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office and restricted him from leaving the country.

Security camera footage showed he had previously abused the cat, and after being questioned, he admitted to killing it … and led police to the cat’s body on Dec. 31, 2015.

He apologized publicly after the December incident and begged for forgiveness.

Chan was indicted in May 2016 for the first cat-killing, but was then linked to the August 2nd disappearance of another cat kept by a restaurant in Taipei’s Wenshan District.

During police questioning on August 7th, Chan again confessed to beating the cat to death … and dumping the body in a river.

Protesters outside the court on Tuesday called for the Animal Protection Act to be beefed up as soon as possible.


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Under existing law, those guilty of intentionally causing severe injury or death to an animal can face a maximum prison sentence of one year and a fine of NT$100,000 to NT$1 million.

A bill seeking to stiffen the penalty to up to five years in prison has passed a first review, but laws in Taiwan must pass three readings before they can be enacted.

The NTU’s chief secretary says the board will meet to discuss the case by the end of the month and that the university will not let Chan — a student in the Department of Chemical Engineering — obtain his diploma before a disciplinary decision is made.

Chan will be expelled if he is given one more demerit, which is reportedly highly likely.

So this lunatic appears to be heading to jail without a diploma and also slapped with a nice fat fine. As a non-ROC citizen, he could also be booted out of Taiwan.

Miao TWICE if you support deporting this a-hole!!


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