Red Brick Daily

The pic above is what’s being planned for the section of KHH’s Gushan District near the “Monkey Mountian” and harbor.

The area is currently quite run-down, but within a few years we could see brand-new hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and apartments … if the “Kaohsiung Lingang Railway Line Area Urban Regeneration Project” headed by the Central Government’s Construction and Planning Agency under the Ministry of Interior becomes reality.


The plans seem a bit behind schedule, but if you ride along Gushan 1st and 2nd Roads, you’ll see lots of ‘preparatory construction’ … including drainage systems for flood prevention, parks … and some older buildings have been demolished.

We’re not sure how long it’s gonna take … but it looks like the “greater harbor area” is destined to continue to be a major player in Kaohsiung City’s evolution