Red Brick Daily

It’s been three years since the Kaohsiung Main Public Library opened its eco-friendly doors. But with the area surrounding the building undergoing construction, it was easy to miss in the haze of cranes and steel frames.

But the Cianjhen District (前鎮) Kaohsiung Main Public Library is now getting its close-up, with reports noting its ‘column-suspension” design, which is the first in the world.


The Taiwan News reports:

“The balconies from the third to eighth floors on the building’s west and south sides have 5m-wide lawns, while an atrium on the sixth floor features a garden with several fully grown trees.

The plants help cool the building and reduce the use of air-conditioners, given the city’s high summer temperatures…

… [There is] a garden on its roof … where visitors can view [the city].

There are more than 5,000 air vents on the library’s floors that blow cool air from the bottom up and decrease energy consumption by about 30 percent, he said, adding that the indoor plants can also lower the temperature by 2°C.”