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China’s China Daily newspaper offered this top ten list as the biggest “issues” Chinese women dating foreign men complain about … enjoy!

1. You don’t carry my handbag!

The paper claims “most foreign boyfriends believe that carrying a handbag of a girlfriend is basically the opposite of manliness.” Um … we call BS on this ‘logic’ … but let’s not forget a basic point: it’s YOUR handbag!  🙂

2. You don’t text or call me three to five times a day!

Um … isn’t more than twice a day, like … stalking?

3. You don’t see me that often!

Um … maybe he’s not that into you.

4. You spend too much time with your friends!

This one is pretty universal … but a man’s got to have his non-erotic male bonding time, right? And … why don’t you spend more time with YOUR friends?

5. Why don’t you take me to the bar?

Yes, why don’t you take her to the bar?

6. No fashion sense

Coming from China, this one is a bit rich. But yes, Kaohsiung’s foreign boyfriends could certainly up their fashion sense … shorts and flip flops are not a daily REQUIREMENT, you know.

7. You don’t know Chinese culture.

Um … he might be a bit of a dick.

8. Eat more!

What? Um … OK.  (96…97…98 kg … is this scale broken?)

9. Eat less!

Um … OK. (… 98 … *sigh* the scale does not appear to be broken)

10. Take me shopping! 

Take yourself shopping! But yes, boyfriends should remember that if you make a crap ton more money than she does … be generous every now and then! –The same applies if she’s the main bacon-winner.

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(Photo via China Daily)