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If you ever meet China’s Zhang Yufen … it may not be a pleasant experience.

Zhang began a “war on adultery” after her husband, who worked in the Xian district tax bureau in the late 1990s, had an affair and told her he was leaving her.


(Zhang Yufen / Via Chinese media sources)

He reportedly cleaned out their joint bank account and POOF … he was gone. Zhang decided that justice demanded that she hunt down her husband’s mistress and gather evidence about the affair.

Zhang is still hunting, albeit now for other women scorned by cheating husbands.

After five years of tracking her husband — who relocated every time she got too close — she got her evidence … and in 2007 a court granted her an official divorce … which entitled her to a payout from her cheating spouse.

In the process of getting her revenge, she became famous as the “detective helping wives expose cheating husbands and their mistresses.”

Zhang does not use ‘orthodox’ methods in dealing with mistresses. Her goal is to first try and shame them into leaving the cheating husband … which often includes physically abusing them.

“We beat the woman into the middle of the street, causing a traffic jam. There were lots of people standing there, watching us beat the woman,” she recently told Global Times about an episode from 2003.

Police arrived, but she told them the victim ‘seduced another woman’s husband’.

“The police officer told me that he ‘didn’t see what’s happening.’ When I heard this, I knew it’s OK. So I kept beating the mistress. I quite miss the past,” Zhang added.


(Chinese website screen grabs show Zhang in action)

Zhang believes “mistress-beating” is therapeutic for dumped wives. “Those who don’t dare to beat will develop diseases including esophageal cancer, uterine cancer, lung cancer,” she claims. Beating a mistress also helps a wife vent their emotional pain, according to Zhang.

Threatened with violence and arrest, Zhang Yufen WILL NOT stop her mistress hunting anytime soon … as she considers her organization one of the few tools available to Chinese wives. For a wife in China to get compensation in a divorce, she must present evidence of adultery, but few are willing to help get that evidence … except the “Mistress Terminator.”

Oh, and BTW, adultery is also illegal in Taiwan and you can be sued for it … if the partner can produce evidence.

Our advice: either be faithful or don’t get married, ya?