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The Tobacco Institute of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has come out against proposed cigarette tax increases.

–We know … shocking, right?

The “Tobacco Institute” — something we didn’t know existed — is expressing concern that the government’s plan to add NT$20 in taxes to the price of each pack of cigarettes … will only stimulate the trade of illegal tobacco products.

The Institute also argued that rather than boosting the annual budget by almost NT$16 billion, the government will, in fact, be hit with an annual loss to the Treasury of NT$1 billion … due to illegal tobacco sales.

They say the trade in illegal cigarettes is increasing across Taiwan, especially along the east coast, and noted that … as you might expect, people in lower income brackets are more likely to purchase “white label” or illegally imported cigarettes … of perhaps dubious origin.

Do you think the Tobacco Institute of the Republic of China is genuinely concerned with people’s health?

According to their website, the Institute was founded in 1992 and is a “non-profit-seeking organization dedicated to strengthening communication between the tobacco industry and the government” and to assuring fairness for the tobacco market.

Hmmm ….

What’s your take on the idea of adding a NT$20 tax to the price of each cigarette pack … which will undoubtedly drive up prices?

Yay or Nay?

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