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A New Taipei Court has rendered judgment on a man from Shulin District surnamed You.

On the morning of March 23, 2016, You – reportedly a devoutly religious man – confronted a city sanitation worker who was spraying with pesticides in a bid to kill dengue fever spreading mosquitos.

Mr. You got into a heated discussion with the sanitation worker, arguing that cockroaches, mice, and many other innocent creatures are being killed by the pesticide.

Despite You’s loud screams of “cockroaches are alive! They have life! They have souls!” … the sanitation worker went on with the job.

You then reportedly attacked the bug-murderer with some type of small saw blade, causing wounds to the worker’s chest, upper body, and arms.

Prosecutors filed assault and even attempted murder charges against You, who told the court recently that he could not bear to see any life – even insect life – killed without cause.

(We’re gonna assume he’s some type of 100% vegan Buddhist … but we could be wrong)

The court this week deemed You guilty and although he escaped more serious charges, he was sentenced to seven months in prision, two years of probation and ordered to seek psychiatric counseling.

So … weigh in: do cockroaches have souls?


(*Photo Via Facebook – reportedly shows police arrive just after the attack)


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