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In Taiwan, a car with a white license plate featuring black letters and numbers designates a private vehicle. “White-plate” taxis, therefore, refer to unlicensed vehicles offering transportation, usually in more rural or inaccessible areas.

Taxis from Kaohsiung to Kenting do not use meter rates, but charge approximately NT$400 per one-way ride, with four passengers and their belongings put into a medium-sized vehicle such as a Toyota Wish. These taxis are legal as they have insurance and are licensed. Any monetary dispute with a licensed driver is easily settled at a police station and any complaints easily filed.

With “white plate cabs”, however, these protections are not afforded passengers, say cops, who are vowing to crack down on a rash of white plate cabs such as large vans offering cheaper and more comfortable transport to and from Kenting.

(If you want to be a snitch, the number for the Kenting police station is 088861039, police say 🙂

Much like Uber, these white-plate cabs will be fined when nabbed, and cops are already well-aware of the online groups where people order illegal transport.

(An illegal van service online phone ad is shown)

While the free market has a way of asserting itself, it’s worth considering if not having insurance or legal protection is worth saving a couple hundred $NT.


Check out the Chinese story here:


All pics via ITN (cover shows cops checking a suspected ‘white-plate’ cab)