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You’ve probably thought of it … “If I buy a ticket to Tainan and then get someone in Taipei to meet me at the station and give me a ticket from like BanChiao to Taipei, I’ll only pay like NT$100!”

No? Never thought of such an elaborate plot to beat paying about US$100 for a round trip HSR ticket?  Well, one couple did … and they got away with it –until they didn’t.

Check out the link below for details on the failed scam:


Duo to pay NT$130,000 for fare dodging on high-speed rail

“After arriving in Zuoying, the duo met in a secluded part of the station where Kuo passed the woman the ticket from outside.”


PLUS: here’s an image from the KHH City Gov’t showing what the city’s subway/light rail network might look like in a decade or so …