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The human voyeuristic urge is strong, and when news cameras show cops hauling sexily clad “hostesses” from naughty KTVs, massage parlors and other — usually gangster-controlled —  entertainment centers, TV viewers are taking notes.

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Reports of late indicate the crackdown on Taipei places run by the United Bamboo Gang (竹聯幫), Taiwan’s largest Triad, are actually giving the KTVs a boost … as new customers are enticed by the parades of attractive ladies shown during the raids.

Prostitution in Taiwan is illegal (mostly, other than grandfathered laws) but many KTVs offer high-priced escorts to entertain guests, and some of these women then make deals to sell sex.

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These gangster-run KTVs, bars, and clubs are not cheap and when the costs of taking a lady of the evening for a night of illegal adult activities are added to the bar tab, it can run anywhere from NT$15,000 to NT$50,000 or more.

The Taiwan News has more:

“As police launched a massive raid on hotels, bars, and KTV clubs that act as a front for prostitution in Taipei’s Zhongshan District on Sept. 25 and 26 (2017) … news cameras zoomed in on the skimpy outfits worn by the legions of hot hostesses busted in these bars … many netizens started to share the photos and try to pinpoint the location of the clubs, according to TV personality Lo Yu-chih (羅友志).

In a post on his Facebook page, Lo posts photos of some of the raids and writes ‘my friends are all in the picture.’ Lo says that when he asked some bosses of these clubs if they had been affected by the big busts, they said ‘of course,’ but they also noticed that on social media message groups ‘everybody wants to know where the clubs are.’ Then Lo then wrote, ‘Hmm, it is also ‘marketing.'” 

What do you think? Should the news cameras not be allowed to film such raids? Or is it time to re-think Taiwan’s laws regarding ‘vice’?