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Ever heard of “YELLOW CRAZY ANTS”?

They’re REAL! And they’ve invaded Kenting! Here’s more from the Central News Agency:

” … a team of scientists has been working with the management office of the [Kenting] national park to address the decline of the local crab population caused by the species of ants Anoplolepis gracilipes, commonly called yellow crazy ants.

(Wiki Commons)

It was discovered in 2015 that these ants, one of the worst invasive species in the world, were attacking the crabs in Kenting, spitting out ant venom that blinds the crabs, thereby rendering them unable to forage for food.  The crabs then slowly starve to death. The ants now take up 30 percent of the area on Banana Bay and 40 percent of the area across the bay.” !!

Freaky! Read more about how the gov’t is trying to eradicate these crazy ants here: