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According to the Central News Agency, Tainan City will begin construction on its MRT system in 2019 … to be completed in 2024.

Here’s more:

“In a press conference on Nov.6, [2017] … [officials told] CNA that the planning for two lines for the Tainan City MRT system has been wrapped up, and is pending approval from the Ministry of Transportation.

According to the plan, the Tainan MRT will have 12 routes with a total length of 200 km, connecting downtown with the Southern Taiwan Science Park and Hsinying District … the budget to build the blue and green lines for Tainan’s MRT is estimated to be around NT$407 million.”


(Plans for the system in Chinese can be found here:)

It’s good to see Tainan is thinking about the future, but as we’ve seen here in Kaohsiung, MRT lines in south Taiwan can be a hard sell. BUT, Tainan is facing horrible traffic due to old, narrow roads…maybe local residents will embrace the MRT if it cuts their commute in half.

What do you think? Should Tainan spend some US$14 million on an MRT system?