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A man attempting to fly from KHH to Taiwan’s outlying island of Kinmen on Sunday became enraged after airport staff at KHH International Airport refused to allow him to bring his dog along with him … as the animal did not have the proper certificates for injections, etc … etc.

Video from the Apple Daily shows the man getting ever more frustrated as airline staff informs him that the dog will not be allowed to fly.

The man is then seen kicking a small animal cage that contained the dog with great force … causing the case to fly up into the air and land on the ground with a thump.

The dog inside the case was killed.


(Via Apple Daily — the man’s deceased small white dog)

Authorities say they plan to charge the man with animal cruelty which is punishable by a term of under a year in jail … and fines of anywhere from NT$100,000 to NT$1 million.

Check out the link below for the original Apple Daily story with video:


(Cover photo via Apple Daily – the suspect is seen at the airport counter arguing with staff before the dog was killed)