Red Brick Staff

A Tainan woman misfortunate enough to have gotten into a relationship with a   gangster thug was nearly killed after her ‘boyfriend’ discharged a weapon at her place of employment.

You’d think the suspect, a 57-year-old man surnamed Chen, would’ve figured out a few strategies for dealing with relationship woes that don’t involve firearms … but evidently not.

Chen, packing heat, went to his girlfriend’s restaurant in a bid to sort out their issues. But once again the pair ended up squabbling.

As the two stood near the cash register area, for unfathomable reasons, Chen took out the weapon and fired it at the floor. This ‘romantic’ gesture backfired, however, when the bullet ricocheted off the ground and flew into the kitchen area … and into the leg of the restaurant’s cook.

Realizing he was in deep poo-poo, Chen fled the scene but pretty quickly came to accept the reality of the situation … and brought his gun to the local police station and surrendered.

In Taiwan, illegal gun possession generally earns you a mandatory five-year term, but we have no idea how many additional years he’ll be serving for reckless endangerment, actually firing the weapon … and oh, shooting someone in the leg.

Enjoy your government-sponsored retirement, Mr. Chen!