Red Brick Daily Staff

A plan for a major theme park in rural Tainan has been rejected – at least for now.

The “Uni-President Dream World” would have used 152 hectares in Tainan’s Yuching District (玉井) for a theme park and a 1,800-room hotel complex … but the Ministry of the Interior recently rejected the company’s application as the site is in a rainwater catchment area for the Yufeng Dam …which provides household drinking water for Tainan.

The site also sits on an active geologic fault and is prone to landslides.

A spokesperson for the Taiwan Environmental Protection Union’s Tainan office said the Dream World project was one of the worst examples of too-frequent “under the table deals” between large corporations and government authorities.

“The Dream World project is the product of collusion between the government and big business resulting in environmental damage, and to prevent unauthorized development, the government should reject the proposal and reveal the identities of those politicians who have lobbied for it,” said branch director Chiu Ya-ting.

*Photo shows a part of Tainan’s Yuching District