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You can design something to save as much space as possible, or you can design something to make as much sense as possible.

The Taipei MRT went with the former when it produced the stickers and signs showing its routes … but a netizen on the PTT message board (Handle: “Tyntseng”) went the other way … designing a concentric circle MRT route, saying the concentric design could help tourists get a better idea of the accurate location of each station relative to the Taipei Main Station.

If you look at pic above and below, you’ll probably agree Tyntseng’s version is superior



The map below is what is currently in use.

The relative distance and location between stations on the “circle map” above seems more accurate and easier to understand than the official map … helping people understand the ‘big picture’ of the entire MRT route network better, no?

Which one do you prefer?

(Via TRTC)