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You’ve probably started seeing them all over the place. You’re idling at a light when a sleek, silent scooter pulls up. Its logo reads “GOGORO”.

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This isn’t an ad for the company. Gogoro is getting press due to the incredible good fortune and or good leadership of Horace Luke, who’s taken Gogoro global and in the span of two years — claimed the lion’s share of Taiwan’s electric scooter market.

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The China Post reports:

” Gogoro’s first financial annual report since going public showed that it made 60 percent of the 20,000 electric scooters sold in Taiwan. Gogoro’s sales were much higher than other scooters in the market, for instance, those by China Motor and Kymco’s combined. Today, Gogoro holds almost 80 percent of the market share in Taiwan. …. In the eyes of investors, he is a peerless genius, like a rhinoceros charging forward. In the eyes of “Gogoro fans,” he’s the Steve Jobs of Taiwan, and to his employees, he’s the most anal boss. But Horace Luke sees himself without the labels — he’s just someone who’s filled with passion and the desire to change the world.”

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