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The escalator itself did not malfunction, but an elderly man fell while stepping on to it and, after a painful time in the hospital, he sadly passed away from his injuries.

Now the KMRT is under fire. Read the article link below and let us know on FB what you think.

The China Post Reports:

“The Kaohsiung Metro came under fire Thursday after an 83-year-old man died from injuries suffered in a fall on a station escalator last week. The man, surnamed Chen, fell when stepping onto the escalator at Exit 1 of Kaisyuan Station. He was hospitalized for 10 days and succumbed to his injuries Thursday.

But Chen’s family think the metro company has more responsibility than it’s owning up to.

His daughter, Chen Mei-ling, said her father was wounded by the jagged escalator steps, which continued moving even after he fell. The daughter cited surveillance footage showing the escalator to be stationary before Chen approached.

Escalators that people have not used for a specified period, typically more than a few minutes, go into energy-conservation mode, slowing down or stopping entirely.

When Chen stepped onto the first step of the escalator, it began moving — causing him to trip. It continued carrying Chen upward out of the station until a metro employee spotted him and shut off the escalator.”