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Website Oddity Central recently offered a brief report on a tradition that many in Taiwan may have never heard of: Fire Fishing. 

According to, “sulfuric fire fishing” was developed during Japanese colonial rule (1895 – 1945) and is now practiced only in the Jinshan sulfur harbor in Northern Taiwan. 

Apparently, for hundreds of years, fishermen in Taiwan have been catching sardines by using a flaming stick. 

Holding the fiery stick over the edge of their boats, the fish are so wowed by the strange light they jump out of the water … and into nets. 

Fishermen go out to sea at night, light up a bamboo stick covered with sulfuric soil and the sulfur dissolves into the water. A gas byproduct then causes bursts or flashes of flames. 

Drawn to the light, fish reportedly jump by the hundreds … straight into waiting nets — proving once again: STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT! 

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