Red Brick Daily

A Taiwanese tour group from Kaohsiung met with disaster in China on Saturday after the bus they were riding in was hit by a mudslide and tumbled off a hillside road before crashing into a muddy gully below.

Media reports at least one Taiwanese tourist – a 5-year-old woman from Chiayi – died.  Another two elderly people from Kaohsiung are in serious condition. All were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

The accident occurred at about 11 a.m. on Saturday, August 13, 2016, near Longyang City, Fujian.

Bus accidents have claimed the lives of numerous tourists on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, with a recent crash in Taiwan killing over 20 Chinese tourists.

In that case, the driver is suspected of deliberately crashing the vehicle after setting the bus on fire with gasoline in a murder-suicide plot that has yet to be fully investigated.

Taiwan officials have confirmed that the driver in the most recent Taiwan crash was drunk at the time of the crash and all indications point to a bizarre suicide – the driver had recently been convicted of sexual assault and was about to begin a five-year jail term.

It’s unknown what caused Saturday’s crash in Fujian, China, but the weather in the area has been unstable of late.