Red Brick Daily

Despite having class B and C licenses, a Tainan electrician surnamed Hsueh (薛)  somehow forgot to properly ground a water heater AND incorrectly connected wires.

The result? A young father was killed as power surged through his body after he stepped into the shower one night.

The death occurred in 2015, but a first verdict was only reached this week, with the electrician getting a 10-month term and being ordered to pay NT$2.38 million to the man’s wife, who sadly, was left behind with a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old.

A tiny bit of better news came Thursday when newspapers reported the design company and the electrician at fault agreed in a civil trial to additionally pay NT$3.5 million in compensation.

The criminal case can still be appealed by the defendant or prosecutors.

The public is also being advised to be careful when using water heaters, as nearly every year, deaths in Taiwan occur due to gas poisoning when water heaters are installed in places without proper ventilation.

A water heater on a balcony MUST have a way to ventilate so gas (which incapacitates victims often before they are able to become aware of the situation) can escape.

This is LITERALLY a matter of life or death … so check if your water heater is properly ventilated NOW!

Meanwhile, a recent cold front has reportedly claimed over 50 lives, mostly elderly people who succumbed to heart failure or other chronic illnesses.