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There ARE good people in this world, and here’s some proof:

Mr. Chang is 96-years-old.

A former soldier, Chang was ordered to Taiwan in his 20s when the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) fled China.

Chang’s house recently went into foreclosure, and it was discovered that Chang’s 42-year-old daughter – who reportedly suffers from drug addiction – took out a mortgage on the family home without her elderly parents’ knowledge … and then failed to make payments.

Chang told the media he and his wife only found out about the mortgage when the bank came knocking!

Hearing the news and fearing the Changs might be left homeless, neighbors collected more than NT$3 million from friends and relatives to buy back the house.

Chang and his wife live in a military dependents’ village in Kaohsiung’s Fongshan District (鳳山) and get a small monthly pension.

But Mr. Chang said things have been difficult since his wife began losing her eyesight three years ago – not to mention problems with their daughter.

Chang’s long-time neighbor, surnamed Yang (楊), is known in the community for running the local fruit stand … and over the years, the Yang family became particularly close to the Chang family.

It was the Yangs who organized the relief mission, but Mr. Chang initially refused to accept ‘charity’.

Only after Yang agreed to take a NT$500,000 deposit from another of the Changs neighbors …. did the elderly couple agree to stay in the house.

“I know they are kind people, but rent that should be paid must be paid. You cannot take advantage of people,” old Mr. Chang said.

Mrs. Yang told reporters: “We really are not the angels you make us out to be, we just worried that Mr. Chang would be up all night worrying — that would leave us feeling sorry for the rest of our lives,”  adding that she and the community just hope the Changs will now be able to stay in the house they are familiar with.

If you’re not drying your eyes right about now — you have NO SOUL!   🙂


(*Photo by Tsai Ching-wei of the Taipei Times. It shows the Changs at their Kaohsiung home)