Red Brick Daily

You know that thing some people do during arguments … grabbing the bag or cell phone of their lover in a dramatic “don’t leave / I won’t let you leave” action?

Don’t do that, says lawyer Lee Ching-feng (李慶峰), citing a case in which a man was sentenced after grabbing his girlfriend’s purse.

A Keelung District Court judge recently sentenced a 51-year-old man surnamed Wu (吳) to 30 days detention and a NT$30,000 fine for grabbing his girlfriend’s purse as she attempted to exit a taxi following an argument, attorney Lee said.

Although the woman in the case, surnamed Chang (張), did not press charges, the cab driver called the police and an arrest was made. The Keelung prosecutors’ office said the case was an indictable offense – whether or not the woman wished to press charges.

The court found Wu’s actions constituted a violent and coercive act … and hindered Chang’s freedom to exercise her rights.

Lawyer Lee said that if it were found that Wu was actually trying to “steal” Chang’s bag … he would also have been charged with theft.

So keep your lover’s quarrels civil … or at least civil enough they don’t land you in court.