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Nantou County is sick of city-dweller-“hikers” getting lost on one of the county’s many gorgeous mountains.


An increasing number of ” irresponsible” mountain lovers – officials say – are becoming lost or getting into other difficulties while in the Nantou mountains. When they get into trouble, they call in emergency rescue services … who are kind of required to help you, even if you’re really, really stupid.

It’s expensive stuff – flying in helicopters, overtime, etc … and as soon as the new law goes into effect … if you didn’t prepare as the rules demand, you’ll have to pay for your own salvation.


If the law passes a Central Government review, people will be required to present a proposed route to authorities as well as buy insurance before going hiking in the mountainous county in Central Taiwan.

They must also stick to planned routes, carry location and communication devices and hire professional guides with emergency rescue abilities … according to the text of the law.


The exact amount one could be liable for wasn’t spelled out, but we imagine a helicopter rescue is kind of pricey.


What do you think? Does this sound fair to you?

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*Photos via local TV news screen grabs / LankyHose.WordPress / CNA / Wikimedia Commons