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Central Taiwan’s Yunlin County is known for pollution and gangsters … sure, there are the nice parts — fruit, tea, cultural stuff, scenic areas … but they don’t make the news a lot.

In this three-minute video posted to a popular FB “all-things-Taiwan” page on Monday, we see a bunch of dudes hanging out with one young woman.

At roughly the one-minute mark, the sh*t gets real. A Porsche SUV and a couple of other cars pull in at high speed … and the dudes know what’s happening almost immediately.

This is a raid!

As many as possible of the men flee, leaving the woman behind (nice one, gents).

The thug raiders then swarm the site, looking for any who might not have managed to escape.

The attackers leave the woman alone, and eventually find a single male member of the rival crew who wasn’t fast enough on his feet.

He is dragged outside, shirtless, beaten a bit and thrown into the trunk of a car.

Meanwhile, the rest of the raiders have begun smashing their enemies’ car windows, baseball-batting scooters and trashing the house.

The terrified woman appears to be screaming but doesn’t call the cops … not that we would have done so either right then and there.

With a captive in the trunk, the raiders speed off.

Now, what caused this fracas? Was it a fight over love? A turf war? –Nope.

All those things would have made sense: but THIS IS YUNLIN!!

The violence was reportedly due to an altercation at a KTV a few nights previously where some dude had stepped on some other dude’s foot … serious stuff.

A fight that night turned into a promise of revenge … and the promise was kept.

In a second video we didn’t post, we see a second man caught by the raiders return to the house. He is bloodied and beaten and can barely stand.

A few minutes into that video, police do arrive, but casually walk over as if this is something they see every day (as it probably is.)

We didn’t see an ambulance arrive in either video.

No confirmed reports on the condition of any of the victims and cops are only saying the situation is being investigated.

With license plates clearly visible and Yunlin not really being a big town, finding the raiders shouldn’t be all that hard … but again, THIS IS YUNLIN!!

So warning to all: stepping on the wrong toes – literally or figuratively – in Taiwan can be dangerous.