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You would think failed strategies would be learned from, not emulated, but sadly, Taiwan is not going the road of science and understanding when it comes to illegal drugs, but instead, planning to simply lock more people up for smaller quantities of drugs.

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Here’s the CNA report:

“The Ministry of Justice has drafted an amendment to the Narcotics Endangerment Prevention Act (毒品危害防治條例) that would widen the definition of illegal drugs in two categories and could see more people convicted on drug charges..” 

Hmm … where have we tried this before? — Oh, that’s right: EVERYWHERE, and it hasn’t worked…and won’t work in Taiwan, either.

We need education, education and education … not moral lectures, education based on science. We can help Taiwan’s younger generation avoid addiction and help the unfortunate who fall into it, but no nation has “jailed” away its drug problem — and in the Philippines, they’re showing you can’t even “murder” it away. New times call for new ideas, not copying past failures — ya?

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