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The rules actually changed in April 2014 … but after recent internet rumors, the NIA says it wants to clarify residency rules for foreign kids who came to Taiwan with their parents, but then turned 20 … which used to be the cut-off age for being a “dependent” on a parent’s ARC.

National Immigration Agency deputy head Jeff Yang (楊家駿), earlier this week told the media that foreign nationals permitted to reside in Taiwan … and who have reached the age of 20 or above, with one of their parents holding an alien resident certificate or an alien permanent resident certificate … can apply for an extension of residency if they meet the requirements.

The requirements are:

  1. The person has stayed in Taiwan for an accumulated 10 years in total and residing for over 270 days each year.
  2. The person entered Taiwan under the age of 16 and having stayed over 270 days each year.
  3. The person was born in Taiwan and has lived here for a minimum accumulated period of at least 10 years (and stayed over 183 days each year).


If approved, 20+-year-old kids of foreign professionals will be granted a three-year visa extension, with a second extension of three more years also possible … meaning they can remain in Taiwan for up to six years.

Some in the foreign community, however, don’t think the changes go far enough as these “special visas” still don’t give the person the right to work … and are a kind of “limbo” status that makes life difficult for some.

Others say it’s a good first step.

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