Red Brick Daily Staff

Public urination by children is still alarmingly frequent in more rural parts of Taiwan, but when it happens in a downtown Kaohsiung department store, it’s quite a sight to behold!

A mother of two took her children to a restaurant at a well-known department store in the city and as they were having lunch at a restaurant in the department store, her son asked to go to the bathroom.

Finding a bathroom in a department store is not exactly mission impossible, but this mother is apparently not fond of leaving the table during a meal.

She reportedly asked staff at the restaurant for a cup, gave it to her son to urinate in, and then asked the waitress to remove the cup and dispose of the urine. Classy!

The restaurant confirmed the story while also noting that the cup had been disposed of along with the urine.

It’s true that most restaurants at department stores do not have private bathrooms and one would have to get up out of their seat and possibly walk as much as 30 to 50 meters to find a bathroom, but we’re going to rule this mother’s behavior ‘unacceptable’ – Agree?