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THREE YEARS AND TWO MONTHS … “[A New Taipei woman was sentenced] for drunk driving causing a police officer on duty to have his right leg amputated … doctors had to amputate the police officer’s lower right leg and said injuries to his left knee and ankle could be permanent.

And it gets better – She wasn’t even supposed to be driving! And you’ll never guess why:

“The court said Chen Yi-en (陳以恩), whose driving license had been revoked in 2014 for drunk driving, repeated the offense at 6:00 a.m. on July 16, 2016 — this time without a driving permit.”

Check out the full CNA report. We thought Taiwan was “cracking down” on drunk driving? Seems like a double offender who could have killed a cop should spend like maybe at least 5 years in the slammer …  no?


Photo: CNA