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Agree or disagree, here are what various newspaper editorials and commentators are saying about how Taiwan will fare under the Trump administration:

Liberty Times:

“Taiwan has no need to worry … the Republican Party has ‘six assurances’ to Taiwan in its platform, which is tantamount to a ‘white paper’ on Taiwan policy.”

China Times:

“Taiwan independence advocacy will be quiet with Trump in office … faced with a Trump administration about which [President Tsai Ing-wen] knows practically nothing, Tsai dares not touch the issue of Taiwan independence … and the present ‘cold peace’ relationship between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait will continue.”

United Daily News:

“Taiwan could become a bargaining chip in U.S.-China deals. Political and economic relations between Taiwan and the United States will be thrown into uncertainty … and the situation gives us no reason for optimism.”

From the other side of the Strait:

Peking University Professor Liang Yunxiang (梁雲祥):

“The United States will continue to sell arms to Taiwan, because this will benefit the U.S. economy … but will not make further military commitments.”

Renmin University of China Professor Jin Canrong (金燦榮):

“The Tsai administration has not developed a relationship with Trump or his major staff. For this reason, Tsai dare not venture to tread the red line drawn by China, although she will also not recognize the ‘1992 consensus’. In the short term, the two sides (China and Taiwan) will maintain a ‘bickering but not broken’ relationship.”

And from the Trump camp — Bert Mizusawa, a senior policy adviser for Trump said that Trump’s election will not create any changes on Taiwan … because the U.S. sees Taiwan as a good friend and a major member of the international community.

Your thoughts?


(Photo via ABC News)