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The name “Chinese Taipei” has been what Taiwan sports teams and athletes compete in international competitions under since 1979.

But the convoluted moniker makes many here angry.

Imagine being an aboriginal weightlifter from rural Kaohsiung and having to compete at the Olympics under the name “Chinese Taipei” … which comes with a silly made-up banner instead of even the official Republic of China flag.



Should you win gold, you can bask under a flag that isn’t even sort of connected to your country and hear a song that isn’t even sort of your national anthem! Yea!

Armed with posters and placards reading “we want Team Taiwan at all international competitions,” a group of young people led by members of the pro-Taiwan independence party the TSU, walked through Taipei’s Huashan 1914 Creative Park on Sunday… where they were reportedly mostly met with smiles and thumbs up … the Taipei Times claims.




Protest participants also handed out dark green stickers with the message “Taiwan is Taiwan” in Chinese and “Taiwan is not Chinese Taipei” in English.

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Is participation more important than names?

Or should we sit out if they won’t let us use the name “TAIWAN” ?


*Photos via Wikimedia Commons / CNA / English