Red Brick Daily Staff

Giving ammunition to those who believe foreigners are degenerates, a 25-year-old Canadian English teacher was arrested on Lunar New Year’s Eve in a bizarre failed attempt to rob a convenience store in Taipei’s NeiHu District.

The man, identified only by his surname Diaz, reportedly waited outside the convenience store until he observed the clerk go to the bathroom. He then entered the convenience store with what appeared to be a red stocking over his face. – Very old-school-robber of you, sir.

Local media decided that the red stocking resembled the Deadpool character played by Ryan Reynolds, but people with eyes observed that the man looked nothing like the movie character or the movie characters costume.

(But media organizations got some free SEO by adding the ‘Deadpool’ tag, so why stick to facts?)

This 25-year-old idiot evidently has a girlfriend in Denmark whom he was trying to visit during the New Year vacation but was short on cash. Obviously, he had but one choice: rob a convenience store!

After the clerk went into the bathroom, the suspect ran into the store and used a rope to tie the doorknob of the bathroom shut so the clerk could not exit. The photo accompanying this article shows the man attempting to tie the door.

He then rifled through the cash register area, but his knot-tying skills are evidently poor, and the clerk was able to fight her way out of the bathroom.

She then ran outside and screamed for help, after which several pedestrians seized the man and tied him to a tree until police arrived.

Authorities found roughly NT$4000 on Diaz that they believe he stole from the store … quite a bit less than what it costs for a ticket to Denmark.

The English teacher is said to have arrived in Taiwan in November 2015. After being charged with robbery, he was denied bail and is being held in a detention center before trial.

Pro tip: if you need money so badly that you decide to commit a robbery, consider robbing a bank … cuz as they say: ‘that’s what the money is.’