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Some two million Chinese troops and others escaping Mao’s victory in the last Chinese civil war eventually settled in Taiwan after the KMT’s defeat in 1949.

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Large numbers of Chinese Nationalist soldiers and others also fled south, ending up in Burma, north Thailand and other spots along China’s Asian borders.

Many of these people and their descendants have mostly been granted citizenship rights as ROC nationals … and over the years, even Tibetian refugees had a chance to claim residency as citizens of the Republic of China, which now consists of Taiwan and serval outlying islands.

But from the 1960s to the late 1980s, many Chinese in Indonesia became scapegoats for a poor economy and bad governance. Riots and deaths followed.

Roughly 1000 ethnic Chinese fled to Taiwan and requested asylum.

(Chinatown in Jakarta, Indonesia)

But there are problems, as the Taiwan News explains:

“Many of the refugees could face deportation but they are stateless according to Indonesian law, opposition Kuomintang lawmaker Apollo Chen (陳學聖) told a hearing, according to a Central News Agency report.

One of the refugees present said she was only two years old when her parents fled Indonesia in 1987 out of fear for violence. Though she has lived in Taiwan for 30 years now, she was unable to apply for Taiwanese identity documents, had to abandon her studies and was facing deportation, the report said.

According to Chen, Indonesian citizens who do not return to the country within five years after the expiry of their passport lose citizenship. About a thousand ethnic Chinese who fled Indonesia between the late 1960s and the late 1990s, mostly during the rule of President Soeharto, found themselves in the same predicament.”

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Plans are being considered to draft a special law granting these individuals citizenship, hopefully helping move Taiwan towards a more open-minded policy regarding citizenship and dual nationals.