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The Culture Ministry, with the apparent support of the Tsai administration, is thinking about some big changes.

The Taiwan News reports:

“Throughout the seven public meetings of the National Language Act, notable suggested amendments to the current language policy included:

  • Phasing out the Bopomofo phonetic system of Chinese characters and instead using systems with the Latin alphabet
  • Amending the errors in the “Taiwan Southern Min Common Use Dictionary,” published by the Ministry of Education
  • Avoiding the label Mandarin Chinese (華語) and instead using Guoyu (國語) as the National Language of Taiwan
  • Adding a standardized Taiwanese Sign Language as an official national language

Taiwanese Sign Language was first developed in 1895 and was inspired by Japanese Sign Language during the Japanese colonial era.”

The video in the link below shows the Taiwan sign for “cicada”


The Taiwan Sign Language FB page is here:


What do you think of ditching BoPoMoFo?