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In the biggest drug haul in Taiwan’s history … cocaine with an estimated market value of NT$2 billion (police figures) was found packed inside car batteries imported from Brazil last week.

Kaohsiung customs investigators also found over 51 kilos of amphetamine.

Taipei prosecutors began looking into a Taipei-based import/export company earlier this year and found the company was selling batteries for large cars to Australia … at a price of less than NT$10,000 per unit.

Very oddly, however, the shipping costs were NT$30,000 per unit.

An inspection of a batch of batteries at Kaohsiung customs on Thursday … turned up 51.3 kilograms of amphetamine … concealed in what were found to be fake batteries.

The next day, a shipment from Brazil to the suspect company was searched at Kaohsiung customs.


(Via CNA — Premier Lin Chuan inspects the coke seizure)

Sniffer dogs and inspectors found a whopping 218.45 kilos of coke … packed into about 200 cocaine bricks placed inside lead containers that looked like car batteries. The lead casing evidentially helped defeat scanners as they were unable to identify the illicit cargo when it was shipped in previously.


(Via MOJ / Taiwan News – the fake batteries and cocaine are shown)

The amount of cocaine was enough to supply about 11 million people, the bureau said, offering no proof for this assumption.

One suspect has been arrested. A raid on his home turned up NT$2.45 million … and several rounds of ammunition.

The cops will be knocking on more doors soon — no doubt — as the investigation into the biggest drug haul ever continues.


(Cover photo via Ministry of Justice / Taiwan News)