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There’s a reason you’re supposed to secure your load before driving your truck … hint: IT’S SO STUFF DOESN’T FALL OFF!!

On Tuesday, a truck driver named Wu screwed dozens of motorists … and himself … by failing to secure a load of thousands upon thousands of screws, which bounced off the back of his truck and into the tires of many a car near the city’s Alian District.

CNA has more:

“A total of 17 vehicles were originally identified as potentially being responsible for the incident, but after police investigated Wu confessed to failing to properly secure the load, resulting in the screws scattering over the road as he drove. He apologized and said he was willing to compensate everyone for the damages incurred … The Kaohsiung City Police Department Traffic Police Corps said under traffic regulations drivers who fail to secure loads can be fined between NT$3,000 (US$103) and NT$9,000.”

Well, at least it wasn’t an intentional thing like is found in some nations where bad guys put screws on the road and then offer to fix tires in a screwed-up scam … but driver Wu is gonna be hit with a pretty big bill … as a set of tires can cost anything from 8 to 30 K.

Moral: Don’t Screw Around! Secure Your Load!


(Pic courtesy of cops)