Central News Agency with Red Brick Daily Staff


In early July, Taiwan’s National Immigration Agency started a trial run at Kaohsiung International Airport to speed up immigration clearance for foreign travelers. The test phase is expected to last until the end of the year.

The new e-Gate policy was created in response to the growing number of foreign visitors to the nation, the agency said.

The newly-opened gates will cater exclusively to short-term overseas visitors aged 14 and older — including those from China, Hong Kong and Macau — enabling them to clear immigration automatically when they leave the nation.

Foreign travelers do not have to apply for the service, but they are required to have their fingerprints taken when they enter Taiwan … if they want to use the e-Gate when they depart.

The e-Gate system – a fully automated immigration system – was launched at the nation’s principal airports for use by citizens in 2011 and foreign residents in 2012

They were designed to save a significant amount of time for passengers as the airport processes an average of 30,000 entries and exits per day.

The e-Gates installed at the Kaohsiung airport, however, are the first to cater to non-resident foreign travelers.

After the trial run in Kaohsiung, the new service is to be expanded to other major airports in Taiwan, including Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the nation’s main international gateway, starting early next year, the agency said.


*Photo via CNA