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Kaohsiung is home to more than 360,000 people aged 65 and older … or “senior citizens.”

That figure, says the KHH City Gov’t, is 13.3% of the entire city’s population … and that ratio is growing faster than many might think.

Kaohsiung and Taiwan are about a year from moving from being an “aging” to officially becoming an “aged society.”

A 2013 assessment by the Council for Economic Planning and Development predicted Taiwan would hit “aged” by 2018 and “hyper-aged” — defined as having 20% or more of the population aged 65 or over — by 2025.


(Via TOPICS Magazine)

The U.N. has declared any society in which 14% or more of its population are 65 years old or older as “aged,” and has warned that such societies face challenges they should prepare for.

Kaohsiung City has a good number of departments and centers catering to its graying population … but is it enough?

It’s something we should care about cuz guess what? We’re all gonna be old someday — if we’re lucky.

Hit us up with your thots on what Taiwan should do to make getting older here a more pleasant experience.

(Cover photo via Taiwan Today)